Comic-con Challenge 2014 – Groot

This year for the Comic Con Challenge I knew I wanted to create something pretty inhuman and eventually I landed on Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy.

here is my WIP thread, though I was less active on the forum than normal:

Sculpting Groot was a blast and the texturing process was a great learning experience.  The retopology was tough though. Taking me alot longer than normal, mostly because of the branches all around his body.  I could have potentially used image planes for those parts of the mesh, It would have saved a significant amount time and triangle count, but certainly would have hurt the silhouette from certain views.

One of the theme options for the competition was to make a character in his final moments, what he would look like during his final battle.  That is what I chose to do with groot and why he is missing a couple fingers and an eye.   I think I could have told that story better, maybe made it a bit more obvious.

I think that Groot came along really well considering how different he was than most of the other characters I have done in the past.


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